I got an email from a world recognized bestselling author!

I sincerely doubt that anyone reading this has heard of her, but Corinne Hofmann is the woman behindThe White Masai-the writer, and the main character herself!

She went on vacation to Kenya in 1986, and moved there permanently in 1987 when she married the Samburu warrior Lketinka. They had a daughter together, and she lived like a real Maasai for four years before she fled back to Switzerland with her daughter at the end of 1990. Time went by, and she started writing the story of her exotic love and and adventure. She later wrote two more books,Back From Africa, which is about her life after her return to Switzerland, and thenReunion in Barsaloi when she had gone back to Kenya for the first time, visited her family, and helped the film crew that was making her life story a major motion picture. Her fourth book,Africa, my Passion, is currently being translated to English, and I personally can't wait to read it. It has three parts, and one is about her daugher returning to Kenya to meet her father and his family for the first time!

Anyways... I managed to find contact information, and emailed the woman whose courage, strength, and passion I hugely admire, and guess what: she emailed me back! She was writing in German, but I could understand it all when reading, and with a little help from a dictionary I've translated her message into English as precisely as I can:

Dear (my name)

I allow myself to write in German, as it is easer for me. Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed Kenya so much and that you can empathize with my story. I'm convinced that you sometime will get the chance to return. Next week I am travelling to family again and I am really excited. Kenya is simply exceptional.

I wish you a good time and all love and good,
Corinne Hofmann

♥ The (extremely happy!) Norwegian Teenager



30.07.2012 kl.11:36

Nice! Dei hyrtes gode ut :)

a teenager with thoughts

30.07.2012 kl.12:13

boktips1: Bkene er virkelig verdt lese! Jeg satt med trer i ynene da jeg leste ferdig den frste boken p flyet hjem fra Kenya...


31.07.2012 kl.23:49

Oo, den filmatiseringen mener jeg bestemt ha sett en sen kveld. Hun drev en slags kolonial, og mtte hanskes med kenyanernes ukonvensjonelle fremgangsmter. ^_^ Ble temmelig dramatisk etter hvert. Tror ikke jeg hadde turt reise tilbake..

a teenager with thoughts

01.08.2012 kl.11:13

ormr: Stemmer, det! Fr hun flyttet til Kenya drev hun en forretning i Sveits, og etter en tid i Afrika hadde hun lyst til arbeide igjen, og i Barsaloi var der next to nothing, s hun gjorde det hovedsaklig for skaffe mat til seg selv og resten av beboerne. Det endte desverre ikke s bra, though...


28.10.2012 kl.21:48

Thank you so much for posting this information. I have just completed reading all three of Corinne Hofmann's books and was searching for her fourth "Africa, My Passion" but having no luck in finding it. Thanks to you I am happy to say that my search is over and will just have to wait until it is translated and published in English. Thanks again!

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a teenager with thoughts

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