Hit me with some music - tell me your favorites!

I am in serious need of some new music... And I want you to tell me yourfavorite songs, bands, and artists! So let's get typing, people! :D

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29.07.2012 kl.21:39

imany - you will never know

the eggs - walk away (old but good one)


29.07.2012 kl.21:41

Frederic Chopin.


29.07.2012 kl.21:49

The Wanted - Rocket

Dead by april - Crossroad

Plumbo - Ta meg



29.07.2012 kl.21:50

We are young (Fun)


29.07.2012 kl.21:56

Kelly Clarkson, nesten alle ^^


29.07.2012 kl.22:24

Sk p nosa spill den fyrste songen)=)

Pitbull - intulectual love.

Spill omtrent alle songane til sonata arctica.

Sum 41 (Alle songar).

ben henley - boys of summer.

Kenny logans - playing with the boys , highway to the dangerzone.

Felles/ likheter:

Det er sommer musikk , 80 tallet sitte er pris p , fest musikk.

Ynskyldar ogs for at det blei rotette skreve...P

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