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So I have like a list of things that I'm going to blog about today, so brace yourselves - this could easily become a very long entry... Sorry for not blogging since last month, by the way, but I have my reasons; I'll get there in a minute.

The title of today's entry is from a song called Good Gone Girl by artist Mika. I've been kind of collecting songs that have to do with dancing lately... Have a look:

I'll dance, dance, dance, with my hands, hands, hands, above my head, head, head, like Jesus said~ Lady Gaga,Bloody Mary

Tonight I'm not taking no calls, 'cause I'll be dancing ~ Lady Gaga, Telephone

Baby loves to dance in the dark, 'cause when he's looking she falls apart ~ Lady Gaga,Dance in the Dark

I wanna just dance, but he took me home instead, uh-oh, there was a monster in my bed... We french kissed on a subway train - he ate my heart and then he ate my brain ~ Lady Gaga, Monster

Yeah, I know, a lot of Lady Gaga... Can't tell ya enough how much I love that lady! So here's the title song for y'all:

Since Sunday up until yesterday I was in Oppdal with my family, in the very same cabin where I first started this blog. The others were there last year too, but I chose to stay behind and spend time with my now ex boyfriend instead, so I hadn't been there in two years. But yeah, we were walking in mountains and going for drives in the daytime and played Scrabble at night, so that's why I haven't been blogging these past few days. Before that, I was working.

This past Monday was also the one month mark - the beginning of the end of this blog, so to say. It's been clear to me for a long time now that I cannot keep blogging on this page when I turn 20, so I'll be starting a new blog then. But since it's only one month left, I figured it was about time to actually post some pictures of myself:

Me with Mount Kenya in the background...

Me getting my hair braided in Kenya... Took freaking eight hours!

Me photographing some old boat houses this summer here in Norway.

Summer's coming close to an end, and we all know what that equals: Yeah, that's right, school starts! I've actually been looking forward to it, since it'll be my freshman year at college... Super excited, and super nervous!

I am not one of the lucky few that live close to the university they chose to study at, however, so I'm in the process of moving now. I have one suitcase with stuff in my apartment already, but we're moving the majority of my things tomorrow. Which means, since I only got home yesterday, that I've spent today packing. And packing, and packing. There's stuff everywhere! But I'm close to an end now, I think... Some stuff left, like bathroom items I need tonight and in the morning, as well as electronics, chargers, that kind of things. Fortunately we're driving and depend only on one ferry, so we're kind of free to leave whenever, so no stress.

It's news time! We all know the Olympics are ongoing... Norway has, what, one medal of each, so far? Not that much, compared to the USA, who has 90 medals this season, followed by China (80). But what I wanted to talk about was Kenya and their record yesterday: David Rudisha beatboth the existing world record and olympic record on the 800m men's final, beating the records set in the mid nineties, from what I've heard. Great job, and congratulations to Kenya!

Usain Bolt wants to become an American football pro now.

Furthermore... An airplane crashed not too far from me today, into the side of a mountain or something. I do not know all the details, but last I heard the tree on board were all killed in the accident.

There are still no leads in the case where a 16 year old girl from Norway went missing night to Sunday (I believe it was). Although, it appears the sock found near a kindergarten was not hers after all.

Curiosity landed on Mars earlier this week - sure went a long way from killing the cat...

A new NASA moonlanding vessel (or whatever I should call it) has exploded. NASA claims it's part of the testing - however it cost them 3 million NOK...

Obama's lead on Mick Romney is increasing, according to CNN. Where it before was 49%-46% it is now 52-45, in Obama's favor. He's also leading in 9 out of 10 "on-the-fence" states. Evidently, people don't have faith in Romney's ability to change the economy. Obama has at least done something about it these past four years! And conservatives are in doubt whether Romney is conservative enough - but Jesus Christ, the man wants to illegalize abortion, and change the constitution so that married gay couples will lose their right to say they're married! And liberize guns, you bet. Personally: Obama all the way!

Thousands of elephants are being killed, particularly in the central African countries, every year due to the demans of ivory. Only elephants and rhinos should wear ivory!

I am starving, so I hope I'll get some food sooon.... And then I must continue packing, and mom has promised to color my hair! Mocha Chocolate, here I come!

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Janne, kommenterer tilbake

14.08.2012 kl.12:27

kul sang :D

a teenager with thoughts

18.08.2012 kl.00:23

Janne, kommenterer tilbake: :D

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