Tea Time And What To Do When...

I fell alseep for like two hours earlier this evening, so of course, here we are, half hour past midnight, and I cannot sleep! I'm awesome... So now I'm drinking Ricola Herb Tea and hoping it will make me tired at some point... I believe Ricola is Swiss... I was talking to my gay friend from Switzerland earlier today, but he stopped answering, but I know he was going out tonight, so... I could've gone out today too, but we've been out every night since Tuesday, so I figured I'd take tonight off and join my group tomorrow instead. I wonder how long the Wine Monopoly is open on Saturdays...

So. What to do when you really want to comment on a post on someone else's facebook page, but you don't really know where you stand with that person? I mean, I haven't seen this person in more than one year, we've talked a couple of times on facebook, sent three letters, and approximately five or six text messages. But I was actually talking to person X on facebook not too long ago, and everything seemed fine, so I decided to check out X's facebook page today - you know, since I can't sleep. And I was browsing ebay looking for dream catchers which made me think of jewelry which made me think of a necklace this person gave me that was bought on exaclty ebay. Someone else had posted a with X, and I sowanted to say something... But I didn't . Instead, I wrote the comment out, and then I deleted it and left X's page.

Have you ever used this strategy?
What do you do when you want to comment but are not sure whether you should?
Anyone else having problems sleeping?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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