Anonymous Lyrics of the Fifteenth Century

How should any cherry
Be withoute stone?
And how should any dove
Be withoute bone?

How should any brere
Be withoute rind?
How should I love my lemman
Without longing?

When the cherry was a flowr.
Then hadde it no stone.
When the dove was an ey,
Then hadde it no bone.

When the briar was unbred,
Then hadde it no rinde.
When the maiden hath that she loveth,
She is without longinge.

(Source: The last four stanzas of I have a Young Sister, anonymous lyrics of the fifteenth century. Typed up as written in The Norton Anthology of Poetry, 5th edition)

A lovely poem I came across in my poetry bible from my Drama and Poetry class. I chose not to write the first three stanzas, because they are so different... The first three are about a sister of the "I" in the poem, but these last four seem more like a declaration of love, don't you think? Opinions on the poem?

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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