So I woke up this morning with what I believe is the worst cold I've ever had. It was a crappy night where I couldn't sleep due to coughing and my stuffed nose and freezing and then burning up, once I woke up because I couldn't breathe! I somehow managed to sleep until 11 though, after which I got up, drank a glass of 1000 mg vitamin c, and called my mom. I know, I'm nearly 20 years old and a cry baby. I always call my mom when I get sick. It's a weakness of mine. She used to make me breakfast and bring me tea when I was sick, and now I have to do that myself... Exhausting. So I've had two meals and a bowl of fruit today. And lots and lots of tea.

I'm exhausted. My ears have dots in them. My nose is stuffed and my temperature keeps changing. Looking forward to a great Sunday tomorrow!

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02.09.2012 kl.13:49

so saad,get well soon n mayb call me on +254

a teenager with thoughts

02.09.2012 kl.14:03

mmewangu: Kenyan area code. Who are you?

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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