Cravings for Cream... Ice Cream...

Tell me something... What's the point of me working out yesterday when all I want to do today is to eat ice cream?! I don't have ice cream... I want to go to the store and buy ice cream... But I should not eat ice cream... I need milk... I could go to the store to buy milk... But then I might also end up buying ice cream... And that would be bad... That being said, if I buy milk I might eat cookies... I have cookies... Oreo cookies... They go great with milk... I don't want to eat them dry... My throat is itchy... Maybe they have something at the store for that... Maybe ice cream would help... Maybe not... It might be worth a try... I should work out today. My muscles are begging me not to, they're so sore from yesterday, and working out is exhausting... Then again, I need to wash my hair, and tomorrow I start at 8.15 and I'd have to get up early to wash my hair... Maybe I could work out now and wash my hair and forget about the ice cream... Maybe I could get up even earlier tomorrow, work out, and then wash my hair and eat breakfast before 8.15 when I have to be at a lecture... That's sounds possible, but also awful... But maybe it'll wake me up? Maybe I should just go to bed now... But there are children on the floor above me and they don't know how to keep quiet... This sucks. Somebody help me, ppplllllleeeeaaaaassssseeeee!!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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